Neo Brutalist Apartments

The shiny door and the neo brutalist facade of the building are filled with all the post-war promise of forward looking architecture, pushing back against the previous nostalgia.

Behind the door, the spaces are by turns expansive and enclosed, giving rise to a sense of space, of place, and occasionally of wonder. The open hall, spanned by beams of bare reinforced concrete, floored with polished stone provides a surprisingly large space that is, frankly, a bugger to heat in winter, and a bastard to keep cool in summer.

200mm x 200mm dimensions

Constructed from marine ply, wood veneers, acrylic and upcycled cardboard, measuring 200 x 200 x 15mm. Laser cut and etched, then hand finished with acrylics.

Every piece in the Knock Knock collection is a unique, one-off design. Once they are sold, they are gone forever. New works can be commissioned that are inspired by, or “in the style of” old works but they will never be replicated.