Psychology services

Dr Payne – Ophelia to her friends and clients – has seen an uptick in business since the first Covid 19 lockdown. She specialises in providing support for a niche group of business professionals who are struggling to cope with the demands since the pandemic was declared.

Ophelia worries about those who fall through the cracks because of full schedules and practices closing their books.

She works a split day these days – an hour in the early morning, to rev up clients anxious about facing the day ahead of them; a post lunch debriefing session to pick people up after a long morning; and an early evening roster to help decompress after a day of helping others through lockdown, pandemic, economic collapse and confinement.

They’re just overworked and overwhelmed. Even with switching to longer business hours and remote working, her clients: psychologists, counsellors and mediators just can’t keep up with demand for their services. Ophelia is here to help them cope.

Constructed from marine ply, wood veneers, acrylic and upcycled miniature bottle accessories, measuring 200 x 200 x 15mm. Laser cut and etched, then hand finished with acrylics.

Every piece in the Knock Knock collection is a unique, one-off design. Once they are sold, they are gone forever. New works can be commissioned that are inspired by, or “in the style of” old works but they will never be replicated.